The World's 10 Most Dangerous Roads

10. Dalton Highway

Location: Alaska

The Dalton Highway, from Fairbanks, Alaska to the Arctic Ocean, holds the distinct title of the most dangerous road for the United States.

About 240 miles of that road features absolutely no gas stations, restaurants, hotels, or any other services, making it the longest stretch of service-less road in North America.

If that isn't enough to get your attention, the frigid temperatures and challenging terrain you'll come across sure will.

Accidents are not uncommon on the Dalton, and the fact that that the nearest medical facility could be hundreds of miles away makes it even more dangerous.


It is not recommended to travel the Dalton unless you are 100 percent confident you are up to the challenge.

Immediate help is not available in many sections of the road.


1) We have been researching this since January and have already modified the plan several times based on input from people on the ground in Fairbanks that traverse The Dalton daily

2) We are procuring seasoned drivers along with our vehicles.  They will be folks that drive the Dalton multiple times a week as a profession.  They will be insured along with the vehicles that we rent

3) We are training in as close to the actual environment as possible

4) We will continue to work with Dalton professionals, including a scout trip to Fairbanks in Dec. 2018

5) We have crewed Kevin for all of his multi-day and 100 mile races. We know what we are capable of and what he is able to endure



Day 1 Begins at the Arctic Circle, Mile marker 115, Saturday, Nov 16

Day 2 Begins at Mile Marker 151, Sunday, Nov 17


Day 3 Begins at Mile Marker 189, Monday, Nov 18

Day 4 Begins at Mile Marker 225, Tuesday, Nov 19. This will be one of the toughest days as we traverse the Atigun Pass

Day 5 Begins at Mile Marker 261, Wednesday, Nov 20

Day 6 Begins at Mile Marker 297, Thursday, Nov 21

Day 7 Begins at Mile Marker 334, Friday, Nov 22

Day 8 Begins at Mile Marker 355, Saturday, Nov 23

Day 9 Begins at Mile Marker 391, Sunday, Nov 24.  We will end the day at the Dead Horse Post office at 8:05 am Central Time


To prepare for the frigid Arctic air and possible downslope winds he could face, Kline and his crew have built a walk-in freezer in his garage dubbed The BOCS (Big Ol’ Climate Simulator)

The BOCS is capable of reaching -20F.

Without windows, to mirror the 20+ daily hours of darkness in which he’ll run, Kline wears his headlamp while training on his treadmill inside The BOCS.

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