Deadhorse Guidance

There has been an interest in coming to Deadhorse for the finish of the Delivering Hope Run, November 24th, 2019.  We are neither encouraging nor discouraging attendance, but be aware that Deadhorse is NOT a city or normal town.  It’s a Oil and Gas encampment that has developed into a community.  There is extremely limited hotel, restaurant and shopping.  The following is intended to provide information to help make the decision as to whether to attempt to join us and some local info if you do decide to come.  


  1. Deadhorse is VERY remote and not like a normal city.  You can fly in and out of there commercially.  It generally takes an entire day or more to get there from Houston.

  2. Transportation once you get there is very limited, just be aware and prepare.  The Delivering Hope team will NOT be able to provide transportation or any logistics for you if you choose to come to Deadhorse for the finish of the run.  Make sure you have lodging and transportation booked and planned before you book your flights.

  3. The largest hotel in Deadhorse is the Aurora Hotel (907-670-0600).  There is also the Deadhorse Camp, a rather primitive facility, but warm and safe (877-474-3565)

  4. It will likely be in the -20F temperature range when we are there.  Plan accordingly.

  5. We will operate out of the Deadhorse Aviation Center.  This is not a hotel facility that can be booked by the public.   We plan to have a live stream event the afternoon/evening before the finish and later in the morning after the finish.  We will provide the info to those that are there so that you can plan to attend those events.


Good luck!