November 16, 2018, from Texas Children’s Cancer Center, ultra-runner Kevin Kline announced his most challenging run to raise funds for childhood cancer research. . .

On November 16, 2019, 8 days before his 50th birthday, ultra-runner Kevin Kline will set out to become the first recorded person in history to run the northernmost 300 miles of The Dalton Highway...in winter.

The run starts at the Arctic Circle, mile 115 of The Dalton, and ends in Deadhorse, AK, near the edge of the Arctic Ocean.

The Dalton is recognized as the single most dangerous road in America, and the 10th most dangerous road in the world.

Featured on the TV show Ice Road Truckers, the average temperature on The Dalton during Delivering Hope ranges from 4F to -11F. During extreme times it can go as low as -40F.